The activity of CARA is not affected by the second lock-down period. CARA is regarded as a service that can continue its activity. However, given that a number of CARA locations are no longer accessible, your appointment may take place at another location. You will be informed of this via e-mail or telephone. You do not have to contact us yourself for this. The strict safety measures continue to apply.

You can consult CARA for a fitness to drive evaluation if you suffer a (possible) reduction in your functional skills.  This can be due to an illness, an accident or another medical cause, which may have an impact on the safe driving of a motor vehicle.

CARA's multidisciplinary team will evaluate your fitness to drive and provide you with documents that will enable you to obtain a (new) driving licence if necessary. A decision will be made as to whether you require modifications to your vehicle and/or whether the imposition of restrictions on the use of your driving licence is necessary in order to be able to drive safely.

It is up to you or your physician to take the initiative for a CARA application. Before we can offer you an appointment, you must provide us with a completed medical questionnaire. This questionnaire can be obtained from our website, by e-mail (, by telephone on 02/244 15 11

What is the CARA?

Do you suffer from reduced functional abilities which could have an impact on how safe you can drive a motor vehicle? Composed of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists and road experts, the Centre for Driving Ability and Vehicle Adjustment (CARA) assesses the conditions and restrictions in your ability to drive and proposes potential changes to adapt your car.

Supervisory institution

The CARA has been officially recognised since 1998 as the only approved institution as far as driving ability is concerned (RD of 23 March 1998 and MD of 27 March 1998). The Centre assesses all the essential functions which can impact safe driving of a motor vehicle for which a driving licence is required.

The people suffering from the following ailments are all concerned:

  • Disease of the musculoskeletal system
  • Central or peripheral nervous system disease
  • Any other disease affecting the motor system, perception, behaviour and judgement.

If a physician diagnoses one of the aforementioned diseases, he / she will send the driver concerned to the CARA. The CARA will then assess the person’s ability to drive and may exceptionally deliver a certificate of ability to (some) candidates-drivers who do not meet (well defined) visual requirements anymore (RD of 23 March 1998, appendix 6, III, 2.3.2 en 3.2.2).

Mobility versus road safety

The assessment of the ability to drive is a delicate exercise, on the borderline between the right of each individual to mobility and road safety as a whole. Through the assessment of the ability to drive, a multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists and road experts determines the conditions and/or restrictions on your driving licence, and the potential changes to perform on your vehicle.

Certificate of ability to drive


  • issues a certificate of ability to drive (model XII) to the candidates-drivers of a vehicle necessitating a group 1 driving licence (category Am,A1,A2,B,BE G).
  • issues to physicians or commissioned institutions a recommendation on the ability to drive for holders of a group 2 driving licence (category C, D, B paid transport).

The competent authorities use this certificate of ability to drive to adjust, return or retain your driving licence. In addition to the certificate of ability to drive, you receive a technical specifications sheet that you can use to request financial assistance if needed to the competent authorities, the company that performs the adjustments on your car or the insurance company.

Familiarisation training courses

You may have to take a course to get accustomed to driving an adapted vehicle or to obtain the category B driving licence. Via your driving school, you can contact the CARA to use an adapted vehicle for your lessons, free of charge. 

Modifications of the vehicle

Besides assessing the ability to drive, the CARA also gives advice on the modifications of your vehicle:

  • the ergonomic aspects of the modifications
  • the transport of the passenger as well as the driver in a replacement car seat (such as a wheelchair)
  • loading the wheelchair into the vehicle
  • the use of seat belts

Recommendation on the ability to drive

Based on its knowledge and experience, the CARA issues recommendations intended for national and European authorities as regards regulation and medical and legal requirements related to the ability to drive. An expertise we are continuously developing, for instance by taking an active part to research programmes, conventions and national as well as international symposiums. Finally, the CARA proposes to give presentations, documentation and training on the ability to drive to the medical and paramedical professionals.

You can contact CARA by phone on 02/244.15.52 from Monday to Friday between  8:30 and 17:00 or by email


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